University of Northampton
University of Northampton

At Axcel International Academy we pride ourselves on providing an accelerated educational system. How you might ask? Well, to put it simply, we listen!

We heard some of the struggles commonly faced by Middle-Eastern students and established a system to help facilitate higher education for them. We found that many were frustrated with the quality of education in their home countries but were unable to afford international fees … the average being an outrageous £20,000 per year…year!

And this is where our genius comes in. We provide a much-needed middle ground. Study in Istanbul (not too far from home), obtain a British degree AND pay affordable fees. Our main purpose is to allow you to have both quality & affordability, because a worthwhile education doesn’t need to and shouldn’t be compromised.
Want more good news? You don’t have to worry about your level of English because we will train you to a degree level standard with our speciality course, taught by native English speakers (no other languages allowed in class).

So, what exactly do we offer?

  1. A British degree awarded from The University of Northampton obtained in Istanbul. You’ll have the option of completing your third year in the UK if you want to.
  2. Registration of all students in the UK within the first two months of study.
  3. The opportunity to complete a University English course and to level up your English to a proficient degree- level standard, regardless of what your level is like now.
  4. Employability Training and career guidance throughout your time with us to help you land your dream job after your studies.


We also accommodate to those who were unable to finish their high-school study or did not achieve the required grades to progress onto university by offering a foundation year prior to starting a bachelor programme.

“This sounds amazing, what are my course options?!” I can hear you say. You have the following Bachelor programmes to choose from:

Business School 

BA Business and Management
BA International Business Communications
BA Marketing Management
BA Human Resource Management
BA Business Entrepreneurship
BSc International Accounting


BEng Computer Network Engineering
BEng Computer Systems Engineering
BSc Software Engineering
BSc Business Computing Systems
BSc Graphics and Visualisation
BSc Computing
BSc Mobile Computing


BA Media Production and Moving Image

We also offer an Executive MBA programme for those who have completed an undergraduate degree and have sufficient work experience.

So what are you waiting for? It honestly doesn’t get better than this. Actually it does. Our staff members are pretty great too.

Team Axcel
Team Axcel

Enrol now and be ready to graduate in style. We don’t claim to be ‘accelerated excellence’ without good reason!



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